The Allies

These are the critics, collectors, curators, artists, auteurs, writers, awesomers and savants that you should check out: 

6 Decades Books – See books as an artistic medium

10,000 Bullets – Exploring the world of cinema from arthouse to grindhouse

Criterion Dungeon – Everything you want to know about boutique film labels

Criterion Forum – A great place to discuss films from the Criterion Collection, Masters of Cinema, and other labels from around the world

Grind My Reels – Hyper-critical film essays, reviews and commentary by Dan Gvozden

IndieTalk – An online filmmaking community and forum

Play This Record – A blog for obsessive vinyl collectors

Rob Sheridan – Filmmaker, artist and part of the NIN collective

Senses of Cinema – An online journal devoted to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema

The Terror Trap – A comprehensive website specializing in horror movies made from 1925 to 1987 (basically, when they were good)

That Go – Filmmakers Noel Paul and Stefan Moore

Under the Radar – A festival tracking new theatre from around the world

VHS Wasteland – A blog for strange, hard-to-find VHS covers of the past

The Younesi Brothers – Filmmakers Justin and Michael Younesi

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