Rachel in the Fog


Poster for New Murky Water Film in production "Rachel"

Open FIlm Project

It’s a bit of shameless self promotion – I know – but I wanted to announce that I have another new film-centric endeavor out there in the ether – it’s called Open Film Project. I hope you’ll read on…

You can check out the website which just launched at openfilmproject.com and find out all about it, but basically it’s this: I wanted to create a way for filmmakers to find inspiration from each others work, by working together and building what I’m calling meta films (not to be confused with the Hollywood use of the term). The first meta-film is called The Continuum.

The Purpose of the Open Film Project
It may seem odd to limit the life of a film to the Internet, but the opportunities for filmmakers who are inspired by the new media movement continue to grow everyday. Film in the short form, avant garde and non-narrative work have a hard enough time surviving in the only place they can – film festivals and the ever-dwindling number of arthouse theaters, but online they can thrive almost indefinitely. Furthermore, many can argue that all art is inspired by something else before it and many times originality is the biggest fear factor for many students and aspiring filmmakers. It’s easy to learn a trade, but not so easy to be creative or original. Open Film Project seeks to cultivate creativity in film, by allowing filmmakers to create something truly unique, but with a starting point, or… inspiration.

The Details
Filmmakers from anywhere in the world can become part of the Open Film Project. Meta-films will be built in chapters. Each chapter is five minutes. Every two months myself and a growing number of moderators on our Vimeo Group will select the next “chapter” from the submissions presented. The first meta-film is The Continuum. The group moderators will select the next chapter from the top 20 most “liked” submissions on Vimeo. The director of a selected chapter will then be added as a moderator to help select all future chapters for that meta-film. Complete details are on the website. The first deadline is January 31, 2011.

About the First Film, “Chapter Zero”
“Chapter Zero,” the beginning of it all, was directed by me and stars Valerie Jones (New Low) and Levi Newsome. It was produced by 3Visions Productions, Inc., and shot on location in Tallahassee with music by Carissa’s Wierd (recently spotlighted on NPR – and yes, they spell it that way!). Full credits can be found on the website.

A Huge Thank You
I couldn’t have done this (and in such a short time) without the help of some amazing people in Tallahassee who are also as dedicated to film as I am – some of them working in film for many years and most of them long-time film festival volunteers – one of them even a film festival alum!

Finally, a huge thank you goes out to Jesse Beleck, who not only did set design for the Chapter Zero, but designed and brought up the entire website for us; and Carlos Miranda, Mark Bauer, Rich Robards and Valerie Jones who all gave me an incredible amount of their time, energy and resources over the past few months.

Thanks to everyone for sharing in my vision!