War & Disease Is So Last Year

War, Inc.

Is it just me or does this look like a sequel to Grosse Pointe Blank? Plus, I know we’re already at the point in cinema where we’re all comfortable making (generally) serious films about the war, but are we at the point where we can make such light of it? All this film’s missing is Jeremy Piven and a post-punk soundtrack.


Someone gets infected with a virus. Virus spreads among the greater population. Greater population is quarantined (until further notice). Seen this movie before? Well this time the infection doesn’t make its host want to eat or dribble bile, but instead go blind. Yes, blind. That should make for at least 30-35 different metaphors on America and the war and all the atrocities of the world, right? Fuck it, I’ve just decided I’m going ahead with my uncontainable disease flick idea on a virus that induces deafness. Think of the plot and sub-plot line possibilities!



Now here’s a uncontainable disease flick I can get into. Plus since when is handheld night vision anything but scary? I mean just look at The 4 Dreams of Miss X!