Them Crooked Vultures (Not A Supergroup)

I hate the term “supergroup.” It always makes a new band sound like they are the best in their craft or like there is no other combination of artists which could yield such “super” results. And while, yes, every unique combination of musicians in a band creates its own new sound, it does not make it any more super than if another random combination of musicians were to get together and jam. By this account, any side project involving two or more well-established musicians from other notable bands, should qualify as a supergroup.

Having said all that, there’s a new combination of musicians you no doubt have heard of if you have listened to rock music any of the past forty-some-odd years or so. This combination calls themselves Them Crooked Vultures. They are:

Josh Homme (frontman for Queens of the Stone Age, and now TCV)
John Paul Jones (bassist for Led Zeppelin, and now TCV)
Dave Grohl (frontman for Foo Fighters, drummer for Nirvana, and now TCV)

There first ever live performance happened this weekend in Chicago during the Lollapalooza festival, where they played at the Metro, in a not-heavily promoted performance that looked like this…

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jim DeRogatis was there and summed up the 80-minute set like this.

After a rather cheap attempt at searching the ‘net, it doesn’t appear there is any video or even music available yet from Them Crooked Vultures except some user video footage on YouTube that is nearly indistinguishable, but there is an official t-shirt!

And after bad information in Rolling Stone, it turns out the reported release date is no longer valid either.

Though I haven’t heard anything from them yet, I have no doubt it’ll be super when I do. I just promise to refrain from fanboy-ing myself into an album review that calls them a “supergroup.” I have more respect for their music than that.