The Kills “Blood Pressure”

The single “Satellite” from The Kills new album “Blood Pressures” has a vocal melody that will likely not leave your head after you hear it once. The video is pretty nice too. It’s a creative blend of archival footage of a car accident and the band members running about the seaside streets of Europe doing some lightly mischievous things for a band by such a dangerous sounding name. Check out the video below and after that, check out a similarly shot short doc on the making of the new album including the inspiration for the new single.


New Dead Weather

The sophmore Dead Weather album Sea of Cowards is set to drop May 11 and below is the first video in promotion of the record. It’s not my favorite track so far, a little too overwrought and intentionally heavy. The video is directed by 90s grunge/goth video queen Floria Sigismondi who knows how to shoot film that feels like a fashion shoot and looks like the ninth circle of hell. (For a different route of Sigismondi filmmaking, do yourself a favor and check out The Runaways.)

It seems not only did Floria work up the visual video style for DW, but it appears she has gone all Anton Corbijn on us too and designed the artwork for this new album… at any rate, below is the cover art and a link to another new track which is pitch-perfect this time because it has a clearer structure, wailing snare and organ and it feels like it’s finally just Mosshart in the band and there’s not all this Jack White marketable coolness surrounding the track. Let’s hope there’s more like this to be had.

Click here for a listen to the other new track “Gasoline” (via Stereogum).