The Enemy

Eating Hollywood Alive.

I’m a writer, filmmaker, artist, music lover, and critic of all things media-based. I have an extensive and award-winning background in writing, visual art, design and photography. Presently, I am the Artistic/Festival Director for the Tallahassee Film Festival.

HINT: I’m always looking for new material to watch, listen to, look at or read, so please don’t hesitate to contact me and share a link or a thought. I’m always willing to review new work by upcoming and even undiscovered filmmakers. I have strong opinions when it comes to art, but if I dig something or see promise, I’ll promote it – no questions asked.

I’d like to see Cinematic Public Enemy expand into a site which aims to discover, expose, promote and criticize all art forms, and while having two full time jobs prevents me from expanding as rapidly as I’d like, I hope that you stay tuned here for what’s in store.

As a staunch critic it’s difficult to put my own art out there in the ether for all the eviscerating eyes, but for what it’s worth, here’s my latest work…

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