So in my neverending search for something audio/visual that inspires me, I ran across this short animation from a London-based filmmaker and animator Andrew Gibbs. Can’t seem to find much more fully realized work of his online, and this appears to have been completed when in school, but it’s well worth it’s short running time.

The music by CocoRosie is a great touch, but it’s the cut-out, choppy, animated style that I find always appealing. Watching this, made me think back to the last interesting animator I ran across a few years ago, Andy Smetanka.

You may be more familiar with Smetanka for his videos for The Decemberists, and The Tain is one which will always be my favorite. If this short film by Smetanka was being distributed, I would have it sitting here on the shelf next to me. Alas, maybe I need to start my own distribution company though, because nothing I like ever quickly makes its way to a collectible format. Anyway, even if you’ve seen it before, check out The Tain in its 20+ minute entirety below. It’s Tim Burton at his peak in late 1920s Germany – channeling the best bits of Murnau and yet making the whole film seem like you just read a novel when it’s over – it’s a journey.

Just for good measure, here’s one more, The Bachelor and the Bride, from 2003:


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