The Adjustment Bureau

I’ve seen some reviews of this film complaining it’s Philip K. Dick “lite” or that Universal is trying to push this as a romantic comedy, but that is ridiculous. I think director George Nolfi’s take on Dick’s story looks extremely intriguing, and seeing as though I no longer have my regular Thursday night Fringe indulgence (the exact same concept of the “watchers” exists in Fringe), I’m gonna need this film to be finished sooner rather than later.

Nolfi is new to directing and I can’t say for sure how tight his story will be and how well groomed his major studio-backed production will look (some of the night scenes in this trailer are lit way too stagey), but the film has a distinct writerly quality about it in the visuals and in the dialogue which helps it feel fresh. Nolfi’s previous gigs has been as a writer for some big action flicks you’ve no doubt seen (Ocean’s Twelve, The Bourne Ultimatum), so if there’s anywhere this movie should excel it should be story. The film hits theaters September 17th.


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