New Menomena

“This is a play that takes place in your freezer.” These are hilarious and austere opening vocals on the new track from the new LP by the sludgy-sounding, Muppet Show-inspired indie band Menomena. If this is your first time listening to Menomena, give them a listen – there’s plenty wobbly-vocaled and clean-rhythmed tracks to go around. Otherwise, submit your email address below for a free download of the new track and when you get it, play it loud.

Straight from the band’s website here are “five little facts about ‘Five Little Rooms:'”

  1. It’s the ninth track on our new album
  2. It started out as one song a few years ago and ended up an entirely different song a few months ago
  3. It prominently features the words “prostitute”, “children”, “hung”, “bridegroom”, “suburban” and “mcdonalds” (we’re edgy now, haven’t you heard?)
  4. It was the last song to be chosen for the new record, which, in our perverted world, somehow makes it the most appropriate choice for the first single
  5. It’s either the best or the worst song we’ve ever written; you decide!

Their new album “Mines” is set to drop July 27th and apparently there’s also a limited edition seven-inch that will contain non-album tracks coming soon.

If you haven’t had enough, you can watch their Pitchfork TV ATP Surveillance episode where they previewed another track from the forthcoming album way back in 2007. It’s called “Queen Black Acid.”


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