First Track from Reznor & His ‘Angels’

As I’ve previously reported, Reznor’s got himself a new band and it’s got his new wifey in it too. They’re called How to Destroy Angels (a reference to a band that inspired him: Coil). Anyway, for a while there all that was being made available was some 40 second teasers of their new sound and glimpses of the members. Now we have a whole song!

Pitchfork got the exclusive and is streaming it here. You can also buy it from Amazon for $.99 here. Reznor has stated the track will not be made available in a physical copy. Their new six track, self-titled EP though is set to drop later this summer in the… package, so to speak.

From the 40 second clips, I was under the false impression that this was a new sort of sound for Reznor, but after listening to this great, mellow electronic track from How to Destroy Angels, I now think it sounds a lot like a new NIN song only with female vocals. This is not a bad thing, I’ll be the first to admit, but I guess I was excited at the prospect of the unknown. Honestly, I’ve never disliked a piece of music I’ve heard was attached to Reznor somehow.

The cover art for the new track is a diversion from NIN though, that’s for sure. Never before did I think I’d find a woman’s face adorn a sleeve of a Reznor record. Especially not a face that looks oddly close to Catholic religious iconography. This makes sense on one level though since Maandig is Filipino and therefore it’s highly likely that if she follows a religion, it would be Catholicism.


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