DJ Shadow Remix Project Offers Up Pleasant Surprises

DJ Shadow has always been one of the more “artistic” of DJs on the dance music scene, offering up some of the smoothest tracks of the 90s and 2000s with Endtroducing and The Private Press (not mention his work with the similarly inspiring James LaVelle).

I’ll admit, when I recently learned that he’d played a part in the DJ Hero videogame I grew a little concerned, I feared he may be moving his musical stylings in to the more mainstream dance culture. But, then soon after that, I heard about this “remix project” which appears to have taken some clues from the Internet marketing guru that is Trent Reznor, and allows virtually anyone to upload their own remixes of Shadow tracks.

Yes, there is a prize for the one voted the best overall: $250 to use at the Shadow online store. And while that’s sort of a narcissistic deal, at least it’s more than TR was giving up.

Check out the top two tracks here. My personal fave is “Missing On The Motorway (Shadow Vs. Everything But The Girl),” remixed by Tiger Mendoza (AKA Ian De Quadros). There is, however, a great remix if “Midnight in a Perfect World” which is first on the player of all the submitted mixes so far. It’s trip-hop at it’s finest.


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