If The Cure Only Used More Distortion…

…they would sound like Cold Cave. (Or maybe Cold Cave would sound like them?) Either way, it’s not a bad thing – Cold Cave is a pretty catchy little nouveau darkwave band built on that silky sound we know so well as a MiniKorg and a Moog. Well, their debut album came out back in August (on Heartworm, I think), but they’ve since been picked up by Matador Records and are re-releasing said amazing album “Loves Comes Close” on 11/3.

You can find some of their songs to download on the web if you try hard enough. Or you can wait until 10/26 and pick up their 12″ “Death Comes Close” featuring the following tracks:

A1: Love Comes Close
A2: Double Lives in Single Beds
B1: Theme From Tomorrowland
B2: Now That I’m in the Future

Check out a nice little live mash-up from a recent show in San Francisco below:

Or catch them while they’re playing NYC 11/21 with Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.


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