The Swell Season Strict Joy

Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova you may recall from their breakthrough performances in a little Irish indie film called Once (that also took an Oscar for Best Song). You may recall it because it was an adorable movie, or you may recall it because it had the incredible song stylings of Marketa and Glen, or you may recall it because of Marketa’s impishly cute thank yous during the Academy Awards speech. Either way, they’re a musical force hard to forget.

They call themselves The Swell Season and their album “Strict Joy” drops October 27th. They are also planning U.S. tour dates! In the meantime, you can stream the whole LP on their site or, even better, you can watch them perform six of the songs live on Bob Boilen’s desk at the NPR office in Washington D.C. The best part about it is Hansard’s stage (office) banter where he references everything from Taxi Driver to Bobby Charles to Lasse Hallström to shoplifting at his first job.

They even do an encore of “When Your Mind’s Made Up” that will no doubt make you slide to the edge of your seat if you’re in any way human.

Check out the NPR performance here… and stream the album here.


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