Another New Nine Inch Nails Album on the Horizon?

Trent Reznor, an artist who I respect a great deal has been pretty prolific with his new releases over the recent years. I love how he constantly re-works his own style and never seems to lack in inspiration (especially lately). Now, according to the folks over at Metal Hammer, they have it on good authority that there’s yet another new LP on the industrial maverick’s slate.

While at Sonisphere, Hammer was hanging out with a good friend who has been working on the Metallica tour (and so was at Sonisphere with the NIN roadies/techs etc). This insider informed us that there is “a new Nine Inch Nails album, completely finished and ready to go.”

After he confirmed that he will simply put it online when it’s finished, a la The Slip, he said that while he himself had not heard the album, it was being described as “sprawling, epic, more like The Fragile.

Well, if this is true, from what I understand, I may be in the minority since I was captivated at first listen to The Fragile, but I’ll definitely be checking NIN’s site regularly for the next few weeks.

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