Bat For Lashes "Two Suns" Video Collection

The sophomore album Two Suns by Bat For Lashes may be my favorite disc so far this year (save the debut Dead Weather LP), and as consistently good as Natasha Khan’s songs are, so are her promotional videos.

First, there’s “Daniel.” Where Khan, dolled up in a Footloose-y sweat suit appears trapped in dreamscape like something out of a Samuel Bayer video circa mid-nineties David Bowie. Creepy mimes with black balloons tied to their bodies like alien appendages chase Khan around her desolate world and in her station wagon until she can unite with her titular Karate Kid companion Daniel.

Then there’s “Pearl’s Dream” where Khan is seen literally performing for herself in some ambient-lit and smoky planetarium designed like a child’s shoebox-solar-system, but with wolves. Oh, and she’s dressed like Cher circa late-eighties. Interestingly, her doppelganger is blonde, and stellarly sussed out at the climax. While this video is my least favorite of the three so far, it’s worth the view because the song is so captivating.

Finally, there’s the latest video for “Sleep Alone.” This is another one of those amazing tracks on the album that you’ll continue to hear the melody for after the song has ended, and the video’s not too shabby either. This time we follow Khan as she spends her sleepless night trying in vain to build a man to keep her company in bed. No surprise, she’s building him out of little twinkly lights and bits of scraps that just seem, well… very Bat For Lashes. Take a look:

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of Bat For Lashes until now, take a listen to the debut LP as well, Fur and Gold from 2006. It’s pretty impressive, and “Two Suns” really just builds on its eclectic This Mortal Coil-via-early-Goldfrapp type song quality. In fact, if you have both albums, play Fur and Gold all the way through and then immediately follow it up with Two Suns. Once you hear the opening track “Glass” build to it’s early percussion-laced crescendo, you’ll be hooked.

Bat For Lashes is getting ready to play some dates across the US:

7th August 2009 – Varsity Theater, Minneapolis
9th August 2009 – Lollapalooza
12th August 2009 – Webster Hall, New York
13th August 2009 – Boston Paradise Rock Club
15th August 2009 – 9:30 Club, Washington DC
17th August 2009 – The Loft @ Center Stage, Atlanta
19th August 2009 – The Parish, Austin
20th August 2009 – The Loft, Dallas
22nd August 2009 – Bluebird Theatre, Denver
25th August 2009 – Venue, Vancouver *Venue Change*
26th August 2009 – Neumo’s, Seattle
27th August 2009 – Wonder Ballroom, Portland
29th August 2009 – Outside Lands Festival
31st August 2009 – The Music Box Theatre @ Fonda, LA

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