Amanda Goes Viral

Lately, it seems to be a big thing for some bands to set up these elaborate publicity schemes through the advent of the 24/7 infomercial channel, also known as the web. It seems that a lot of folks are referring to this type of marketing now as “viral.” I guess cause it’s infectious? Hmm.

At any rate, the lovely miss Amanda Palmer of the fantastic cabaret/rock duo the Dresden Dolls is leaving her percussive other half out of the spotlight this September for a chance with her solo effort titled Who Killed Amanda Palmer? As a promotional tool she is releasing a series of videos from this Ben Folds produced debut.

Here’s the first:

Nope. Just more aggressive Madonna-floor-writhing with — what looks to be — drug paraphernalia!? Maybe it’s just me but I’m pretty sure I saw a spliff, syringe and a whippet somewhere in there. (At least there should have been). Voices at the segue at the end, “Is this real blood?” Well, here’s to hoping the next video is piano wire suicide. That way we can be done with all this mini-series hoopla and have some live shows! Cause face it, that’s really where she (and Brian) shine.

I guess I just don’t understand why she would want to go this route with her album promotions. It seems so far away from what the artistic standpoint of the Dolls would be, which is to think/be outside the box. But then I guess that’s why it’s not a Dolls album, and Amanda’s solo album instead. Either way, I’m still listening…

Who Killed Amanda Palmer? is out 9/16. Find out more, listen to more tracks (and get a free stencil!) HERE!


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