Who Is More Anti-Establishment?

You may recall earlier this week when I went on a rant about the excitement of knowing there was new material from (none other) than Zack De La Rocha dropping this month in the form of a debut EP for his new band One Day As A Lion. You may also recall my dismay that I could not find a preview of the album.

Well, four days till it’s release and Anti- Records have updated ODAAL’s page with one new track; the first one on the album: “Wild International.” You can preview it for yourself here.

They also have some so-so desktop wallpapers and a “store” set up which currently sells nothing, but is taking emails for those of us who are dying to get the release on 180 gram vinyl. Soon, they say. Soon. Plus, if you pre-order the vinyl you get the album as a download for “free!”

What I don’t get is, for a band that one would think would be so anti-establishment, why can’t they at least follow in the footsteps of a marketing genius – someone like Trent Reznor (another artist with a new album dropping this month) and offer the damn songs for real free, with the option to have the true fans buy later? Hmm.

Tell me what you think...

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