Shirley Manson’s Running Cyberdyne

As if last season’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (try saying that title 3 times fast), wasn’t good enough during the drought in worthwhile prime time TV, next season it gets even better. Ms. Shirley Manson of 90s Garbage fame is set to play the role as the CEO of the fictitious robotics company Cyberdyne. If you never caught up with the series in its initial season, think Species only with more plot and less scantily clad Natasha.

That’s not all Manson has in store for us this fall, she also plans to release her solo debut. Just how solo it is actually remains to be seen, since reports are that some special guests include Billy Corgan, Beck, Jack White and, of course, Butch Vig is producing (ok, and it’s not a new Garbage album how?).

And, actually, while I’m arguing this unimportant question of the forthcoming album’s inauthentic soloness, here’s an interesting tidbit courtesy of Wikipedia:

Although [it’s being touted as] Manson’s first record as a solo recording musician, technically it is her second solo album; her pre-Garbage band Angelfish’s self-titled album was released under a solo contract to her record label Radioactive Records, signed in February 1993, prior to the label’s sale to Universal Music Group. Manson was signed as a solo artist fronting her former band Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie’s side-project group Angelfish to circumvent the former act’s existing deal with MCA Records. That contract obligated Manson to deliver at least one album and, at the sole option of Radioactive, up to six additional albums. It is expected that her album will be released through Radioactive or another Universal label such as Island Records, as Manson is still under contract to Radioactive to deliver a second album, despite the label having never demanded a second Angelfish album, their sole album Angelfish having sold only 10,000 copies. A July 2001 lawsuit between Universal Music Group and Garbage regarding Manson’s recording status was settled out of court, with Radioactive retaining exclusive worldwide rights to record and sell Manson’s performances. The agreement allowed Manson to continue to record with Garbage, but did not free her from her 1993 contract.

Manson has since stated that she is shelving the album for the time being as she is pursuing other projects (Terminator?), but us fans are not content with such unwarranted lethargy and one fan has even gone so far as to start a petition to Warner Music to release the new tracks. A little over 2400 have signed since april and you too can sign HERE!

Here’s the tentative track names as well to whet the appetite:

“Don’t Want Anyone Hurt”
“Don’t Want To Pretend”
“Gone Upside”
“Hot Shit”
“Kid Ourselves”
“Lighten Up”
“Little Dough”
“No Regrets”
“Pure Genius”
“So Shines A Good Deed”
“Sweet Old World”
“The Desert”
“To Be King”


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