Sigur Rós have always been an eclectic band, but to go so far as recording an album in the states! Crazy! And produced by Flood? With words in English? Bizarre!

In the promo video for this obviously incomprehensibly titled Sigur Rós track (“Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do” anyone?) we find the band exploiting not those with gender confusion, post-apocalyptic existence or Down’s Syndrome, but instead nudism. A troupe of naked boys and girls flop around in various visual textures (water, leaves, dirt) while their exposed parts flop around with them. There is no overt explanation that I can find for this concept, but they seem to be running away from something off screen. Or maybe i’m just looking for a hidden meaning instead of acquiescing to the fact it’s likely just pure corporate promotional reasoning. Personally, I’d rather watch their earlier videos, but I have to admit I dig this track “Gobbledigook.” It reminds me of a lighter (read: less eclectic) Einstürzende Neubauten, and you can definitely pick out the Flood production traces. Check it out for yourself below.


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