Who is this Guy?

Hi. I live with 19 fish (14 of which are out-of-wedlock babies which I couldn’t bring myself to have aborted) and 1,000 DVDs, (half of which are international arthouse or American independent cinema, and the other half of which are good old-fashioned Hollywood movies). I grew up watching movies with my parents on a regular basis, and continued this trait through my youth. I have yet to stop watching movies. Working on movies or with movies comes easy for me; however, getting into Hollywood has been hard.

I started this blog, mainly because I was bored at work one day, but mostly because I love film, love to talk about films, and love film criticism. I have a BA in writing with a minor in film studies and my name is Chris. And there you have it: simple, straight-forward and slightly witty to boot!

If you’d like to find out more about what film and pop culture I appreciate the most, browse around… And please, don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about any of the films I review. Thanks for your time.


Tell me what you think...

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